Monday, May 3, 2010

Susanna Salk on the Skirted Rountable

via the Skirted Roundtable

I really enjoyed listening to this week's conversation with Susanna Salk on the Skirted Roundtable. This lady has a very interesting work history in magazines, writing and even in the movie business, and through a serendipitous route appears to be doing what she is passionate about.

Discussion of her newest book, Room for children: stylish spaces for sleep and play, reveals her love for and thoughtfulness regarding this area of interior design. What also came through is her excitement in the shift she's seen from a more formal and traditional approach to kid's rooms design and decorating, to a mix and match, personalised, "outside of the box" and a growing-with-the-child-flexibility approach showcased in her book. Also love her emphasis on smart and unexpected but affordable ideas. Two I remember from the podcast were large magnetic/pin boards for kids to create a DIY art gallery of their own work and painting bunkbeds silver in a white-themed girls bedroom.

Hmmm going to see if my local library has this book on order as the images shown on Skirted are such a tease - I want more! I have included one of them below the cover image. Being a mother of girls, it would be, wouldn't it! LOL.


  1. Thanks for the shout out re: our SRT conversation with Susanna Salk. The book is fabulous. I hope you left a comment on the site as we're giving away a copy!

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