Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Christmas snapshot

Wonderful friends from out of town. Rainy and cool weather. Lego. Naps. Laid back and lazy. Perfect.

A bit of front-door Australiana.

Placecards for the Christmas table.

Shannon Fricke's Sense of style; colour + space, a Christmas present from my wonderful husband - a lovely surprise! Thank you Mr T xxx

Christmas princess-beauty No.1

Christmas princess-beauty No.2

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


During these dry, hot, inland summer days, I'm drawn to a refreshing, soothing palette of white, shades of turquoise and touches of silver such as the one used by Leslie Shewring in her latest Colour Me Pretty posting. I love those ribbons and wrapping paper in the third image down (and, of course, Miss A thinks the birds are just adorable).

I had wanted to use this colour theme in my Christmas decorating this year, but ended up going with naturals, red and silver as this suits my lounge room decor and I could mostly use what I already have. Ok, I did purchase a linen tablecloth and matching serviettes and some silver baubles, but I figure these are a great base, totally practical etc (insert cheeky smile). Hoping that I may get to post some pics of my Christmas efforts....we'll see!

Really liking the sweetness and simplicity of that little paper wrapped vase (above). These blue-turquoise tones were my favourite colours during my mid-late primary school years and seem to be appealing all over again. They made an appearance in a fave skirt, swimmers, jewellry, hairbrushes, dreams and drawings. Perhaps it's the dusty season, where the heat rises in shimmering waves, perhaps it's the influence of Miss A's preference for these cool tones over pinks (check this post for great ideas), or perhaps it's a shifting within....maybe it's all of the above. Whichever...turquoise is my new-again friend.

All images: Leslie Shewring