Saturday, August 21, 2010

I am finding this election VERY exciting. How great will the swing to the Greens be? Will it be the Speedo wearer or the Ranga as my husband asks?(Correction: the term he's used is Budgie Smuggler) Who will hold the balance of power in the Senate? Whatever names we give them, I am glued to the coverage, the blow by blow discussion, dissection and debate regarding the results of this election. (Do you like my alliteration?)

Useless fact...Did you know: The seat of Eden-Monaro has gone the way of the Govt since 1972. Apparently, it is one of those 'one to watch' or bellwether seats.

Ooooh seems one of the lines this election is 'I am quietly confident....' (hey Wayne Swan!)

Would LOVE to go to the Tally Room around 11pm tonight!!! (One of the positives of living in the nation's capital.) Hmmm possibly not going to be clear cut this election, could take a few days but not keen to hang at the tally room till Mon/Tues!!!!

Hope your vote is in!!!