Saturday, August 21, 2010

I am finding this election VERY exciting. How great will the swing to the Greens be? Will it be the Speedo wearer or the Ranga as my husband asks?(Correction: the term he's used is Budgie Smuggler) Who will hold the balance of power in the Senate? Whatever names we give them, I am glued to the coverage, the blow by blow discussion, dissection and debate regarding the results of this election. (Do you like my alliteration?)

Useless fact...Did you know: The seat of Eden-Monaro has gone the way of the Govt since 1972. Apparently, it is one of those 'one to watch' or bellwether seats.

Ooooh seems one of the lines this election is 'I am quietly confident....' (hey Wayne Swan!)

Would LOVE to go to the Tally Room around 11pm tonight!!! (One of the positives of living in the nation's capital.) Hmmm possibly not going to be clear cut this election, could take a few days but not keen to hang at the tally room till Mon/Tues!!!!

Hope your vote is in!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I am very taken with this image! Very. In fact, I'm taken with the whole room. Yep. I. am. It is the beautiful, soothing space Brooke Gianetti of Velvet & Linen and her husband created some time ago for their childrens' study.

Ok, so here's some more...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beauty house

Hi I am a visitor to one small tree, and I will see you on the rest of the writing.

Bedroom colours gorgeous gorgeous, colours make your bedroom shine with stripes spots or more. Pink and yellow are a team.Blue and red are a good pear. If its strips or spots theses are colours you want.

Some pretty things I've seen today are....(thanks
Upon a fold)



Pretty house

What a lovely idea for a girly present if she has some patient adult hands on hand! I can imagine hours of fun in the decorating, colouring, glitter-ing (not sure that's a word!) and then playing and imagining. This little beauty comes flat packed from Upon a fold with nine press-out pre-cut pieces of furniture. More pics here. I think I want one!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mr Vogue Living

A fascinating interview with David Clark, editor of Australian Vogue Living, over at The Design Files. Love the beautiful images and his comments on creativity.

Monday, June 14, 2010


THANK YOU TB! We are very thankful (and blinded by the light!) The FOZZ's have been installed! FOZZ products available here.


Have been making a few small changes on the home front - amazing how they make me feel about our space. Will post a pic or two very soon. Added a new rug, blinds and (very bright, excellent for cooking, homework time etc) ceiling lights to our kitchen/family area.

As a supplement to the FOZZ, for soothing, low-level lighting, I am thinking "floorlamp". Here are some possible options....

Replica Lewit M Floor Lamp (on sale $199) from ClickOn Furniture. Love the base, possibly a bit "dark/heavy" for the space (on the other hand, could look good in the lounge room, mmmm now that's an idea...)

Replica Tolomeo Floor Lamp Large (on sale $143) also from ClickOn Furniture. Great for a more industrial look, possibly a bit "cold" for the room.

JACOB ($189) from Beacon Lighting. Hoping this may go on sale as is probably the best match with the space as it's the "softest" option.

In other lighting news, I have my eye on this (although having also drooled over the Bay Leather Republic version - add $200 to the price tag, thank you - this looks a bit cheapie in comparison).

Sheer Glass Table Lamp ($99) from Freedom.

I am also a little (ok, a LOT) partial to this earthy, natural lantern. Thinking it may work in our bedroom with a low wattage globe. Also comes in a dark brown but a larger size so may be too long.

Spiral Lantern - Small from Hermon&Hermon.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reading & enjoying

I have always been a big reader. Love the way books transport me to other worlds, places and into other's hearts and minds. There's many a sleepless night when a great book has been my companion, helping me to switch off and eventually drift off....

Some titles that have moved me lately...

Islands in the clouds: travels in the highlands of New Guinea
by Isabella Tree

Letters from Burma by Aung San Suu Kyi

Boy he cry: an island odyssey by Roger Averill (scroll down for title and check the other amazing sounding reads listed.)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Thank you notes

This is so fun. Love it!

Hits of colour

Loving the bright red and orange hits of colour in these images. Must needing a boost...a bit low on energy tonight due to a sore throat.

Monday, May 3, 2010

1 Million Women

I just joined. Have you?

1 Million Women

Nice to see that the little things I already do have an impact AND that the strings I can add to my bow are just as logical, practical and achievable, plus I get to learn new stuff. Cool.

Susanna Salk on the Skirted Rountable

via the Skirted Roundtable

I really enjoyed listening to this week's conversation with Susanna Salk on the Skirted Roundtable. This lady has a very interesting work history in magazines, writing and even in the movie business, and through a serendipitous route appears to be doing what she is passionate about.

Discussion of her newest book, Room for children: stylish spaces for sleep and play, reveals her love for and thoughtfulness regarding this area of interior design. What also came through is her excitement in the shift she's seen from a more formal and traditional approach to kid's rooms design and decorating, to a mix and match, personalised, "outside of the box" and a growing-with-the-child-flexibility approach showcased in her book. Also love her emphasis on smart and unexpected but affordable ideas. Two I remember from the podcast were large magnetic/pin boards for kids to create a DIY art gallery of their own work and painting bunkbeds silver in a white-themed girls bedroom.

Hmmm going to see if my local library has this book on order as the images shown on Skirted are such a tease - I want more! I have included one of them below the cover image. Being a mother of girls, it would be, wouldn't it! LOL.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Long time no write...but a lot of reading and other things going on.

Am stoked to have gotten (terrible English!) my hands on a (borrowed) copy of Megan Morton's book, Home Love: 100 Inspiring Ideas for Creating Beautiful Rooms.

image via here

The book brings together Morton's articles from SMH and the Age along with extra text and stunning images. Totally droolworthy, inspiring and best of all, FUNNY! As Belle magazine says "...homelove is “a rare thing in design literature, a laugh out loud book!”. And it is! I have been laughing a lot while reading it.

I love the Australian voice that comes through, the practical ideas for kids rooms from infant to teen, the listing of local and international resources, the outside the box way of thinking about decorating and living in our homes. I love the pithy, to the point entries, the snapshot of various colour combos and styles and the attention to small details too - flowers, candles, art - and all the things that are an expression of ourselves and our love for our homes.

For a great overview of Homelove and publication details, see here.

Am enjoying the Homelove blog too and have added it to my blog links.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tea party

Miss A recently turned 7 and to celebrate I am inviting a number of her friends and their mothers to a tea party. There's nothing like playing ladies for the afternoon!

image via here

image via here

Bunting will definitely be involved...

image via here

as will the colour pink, flowers and pretty tea cups.

image via Absolutely Beautiful Things

On the menu, bite-sized treats like these

image and recipe here

and these

image here

and absolutely some of these

image here