Monday, April 26, 2010


Long time no write...but a lot of reading and other things going on.

Am stoked to have gotten (terrible English!) my hands on a (borrowed) copy of Megan Morton's book, Home Love: 100 Inspiring Ideas for Creating Beautiful Rooms.

image via here

The book brings together Morton's articles from SMH and the Age along with extra text and stunning images. Totally droolworthy, inspiring and best of all, FUNNY! As Belle magazine says "...homelove is “a rare thing in design literature, a laugh out loud book!”. And it is! I have been laughing a lot while reading it.

I love the Australian voice that comes through, the practical ideas for kids rooms from infant to teen, the listing of local and international resources, the outside the box way of thinking about decorating and living in our homes. I love the pithy, to the point entries, the snapshot of various colour combos and styles and the attention to small details too - flowers, candles, art - and all the things that are an expression of ourselves and our love for our homes.

For a great overview of Homelove and publication details, see here.

Am enjoying the Homelove blog too and have added it to my blog links.