Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kids bedrooms

Hallo and I am back to show you some kids bedrooms.

This bedroom is nice but it just doesn't have my colours. I really think that mirror is beautiful. That bedside table (chest of drawers) would be really good for lamps, candles, books etc. I like the flowers pattern on the cushions because it makes me feel light.

Even though I don't sleep in a cot, it would be a beautiful room to sleep in. I like the reflection in the mirror of the hanging light and the window.



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pretty things

Today I enjoyed finding these lovely items:

A snow dome that can be personalised by adding you own paper background - great kids present.

This striped rug and beautifully warm wooden lamp base.

Am very much in love with this artwork by Sonya Rothwell as featured in Home Beautiful earlier this year.

Yes, my first post for nearly 3/4 of a year; far too long since I did this.