Monday, June 14, 2010


Have been making a few small changes on the home front - amazing how they make me feel about our space. Will post a pic or two very soon. Added a new rug, blinds and (very bright, excellent for cooking, homework time etc) ceiling lights to our kitchen/family area.

As a supplement to the FOZZ, for soothing, low-level lighting, I am thinking "floorlamp". Here are some possible options....

Replica Lewit M Floor Lamp (on sale $199) from ClickOn Furniture. Love the base, possibly a bit "dark/heavy" for the space (on the other hand, could look good in the lounge room, mmmm now that's an idea...)

Replica Tolomeo Floor Lamp Large (on sale $143) also from ClickOn Furniture. Great for a more industrial look, possibly a bit "cold" for the room.

JACOB ($189) from Beacon Lighting. Hoping this may go on sale as is probably the best match with the space as it's the "softest" option.

In other lighting news, I have my eye on this (although having also drooled over the Bay Leather Republic version - add $200 to the price tag, thank you - this looks a bit cheapie in comparison).

Sheer Glass Table Lamp ($99) from Freedom.

I am also a little (ok, a LOT) partial to this earthy, natural lantern. Thinking it may work in our bedroom with a low wattage globe. Also comes in a dark brown but a larger size so may be too long.

Spiral Lantern - Small from Hermon&Hermon.

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