Monday, November 16, 2009

Copy Cat Design at Little Green Notebook

The straightforward breakdown of the elements in this room, pictured below, at Little Green Notebook as a simple how-to guide is really informative. Although based around US products and suppliers, the discussion of each of the elements and the range of price points makes it a great learning tool and starting point for me to think about Miss A and Miss T's bedrooms in a more analytical way.

from Domino's Mini Guide: Twin Beds (June/July 2008 issue), photo by Justin Bernhaut (via Little Green Notebook)

Mmmmm, now that I'm looking at the image (was focussed on the content before), I like the striped rug, the repetition of the rectangles/squares in the pillows, headboards, side table and frames and - even if not in a bedroom - the pairing of red and aqua.

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