Monday, November 2, 2009

You Sexy Mother

You sexy mother by Jodie Headly-Ward looks like a thought-provoking read. After hearing an interview with Jodie on the radio, I have shamelessly copied the text below from her site and discovered the following:

"Jodie Hedley-Ward holds a Master of Business degree, a Bachelor of Commerce and a Graduate Diploma in management. Jodie, [a mother of two], initiated the Motherhood Study in conjunction with the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2009. The research will provide ongoing insights into the reality of the experience of motherhood for women today...The Motherhood Study, [conducted by Hedley-Ward and Dr Angela Huntsman], is an anonymous on-line survey designed to ask the questions that matter most to mothers. The research will provide specific and timely information relevant to policy makers and practitioners. This study has the potential to positively impact the provision of services for mothers internationally."

Jodie Headly-Ward & Dr Angela Huntsman


You may be interested in completing the survey here, as I did.

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