Monday, March 19, 2012

My heart wanders

...and mine is stirred by the inner and geographical journey Pia-Jane Bijkerk celebrates in this book: Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam, letting go, discovering new ways of living and loving, the significance of a good cup of tea, finding and creating a home on the other side of the world...

Beautiful images, poetry and musings - a fragrance, curtains billowing gently in the breeze, water lapping against a boat's hull, reflected light on the ceiling - combine to bring forth from the pages a sense of place and life.

My heart wanders was all over the blogs a couple of years ago, but I only recently delved in. My heart is so glad I did! Thinking I'd like a copy of my own.

A few lines in particular grabbed me today:

My mother was always questioning this habit of mine..."Why do you feel you have to explain everything to people?...[People] want to believe what they want to believe...Conserve your energy, my love (italics mine) - live your life and enjoy it, don't worry what other people think."

These words have got me thinking about enjoying my life (and keeping on enjoying it) day...this moment - not justifying or explaining decisions, needlessly using energy - and those around me who encourage me in this. Some do it with words, some just by being who they are. Thank you J & M, J, S, J and T. You all do that for me in your own way.

Do you have someone who has consistently reminded to really enjoy your life or inspires you by their ability to do this?

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