Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random and various

Had breakfast with my gorgeous husband T-man (this week off, his new job begins next Monday @ DHS) at Silo this morning - delicious. More delicious was the Vanilla Brûlée that we snacked on afterwards. Pastry - buttery, yuuummm. Thin toffee layer on top - crunch ("crinkle" says T-man). Custard - mmmmm, silky. So good to be together (sans offspring, of course), and the baguette that we bought in anticipation of lunch was divine. It's the small things....

Our front entrance has been SAD since we've been here. Boxy, concrete-y and square with NO rounded edges. We would like to soften and add some character, so our cheap and quick solution is a couple of pots plus Sasanqua Camelias. Went to Bunnings after breakfast today to further this endeavour. Again, it's the small things.....

Our lovely neighbour giving us quinces and figs from her luscious, established garden - priceless. Sooooooo goooood.

Ok, off to watch some "CHUCK" (Americana we are watching on our laptop, scabbed from a friend). LOVE IT!!!

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