Monday, April 2, 2012

By candlelight

Picture this:

Husband out at a boys movie. Kids in bed. Classical music wafting through the darkened lounge room along with a subtle fragrance from the scented candle, the flame of which flickers and dances mesmerisingly. Ahh, finally ALONE. My eyelids are getting heavy. My lounge and cushions are my nest. All is right with the world.....mmmmmm.

"Mum, I can't sleep."

"Nor can I!" chimes in a higher pitched whisper.

Me speaking in my head (but could possibly have been an audible groan :-) ): "Noooooo...!"

Did you think it was all over?

I thought so too, but AMAZINGLY, Miss A and Miss T joined me on the lounge (love a generous sofa. Thanks Mom!), remained silent and still and the three of us drifted off into a blissful, dreamy state until Mr T returned home.

I felt so contented the next day and so thankful for a precious moment that I could never (ever) have engineered even if I'd tried.

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